The importance of proper exercise technique

Regular training is essential to stay fit and healthy, as well as a proper exercise technique, but if not performed properly, it can lead to annoying muscle pains that, over time, can even compromise performance if not the very ability to train. Here’s how proper exercise technique can help you prevent them and maximise the benefits of your training programme.

1. Proper warm-up

Before starting any physical activity, it is essential to spend time warming up. This process prepares the body for the upcoming activity by increasing blood circulation in the muscles, making them more elastic and ready for action. A proper warm-up can help prevent muscle tears and injuries.

2. Focus on posture

Posture is crucial to avoid muscle pain. Make sure you maintain a correct posture during exercises. Your back should be straight, shoulders relaxed and body alignment appropriate. Incorrect posture can put strain on muscles and joints, leading to discomfort and pain.

3. Graduel Progression

A common mistake is to try to lift weights too high or perform exercises that are too intense right from the start. It is important to adapt your training to your current fitness level. Start with appropriate loads and gradually increase the difficulty as you gain strength and endurance. This approach reduces the risk of overloading your muscles.

4. Stretching Post-Workout

Finish each training session with a series of stretches. This helps maintain muscle flexibility and prevents tension accumulated during training. The muscle relaxation achieved through stretching reduces the likelihood of suffering muscle pain later on.

Proper exercise technique is essential to avoid muscle pain and injury. Remember that pain during training is not always a sign of progress, but often indicates a problem with technique. Consider using TEPY, an app based on artificial intelligence, to receive personalised advice to prevent muscular discomfort and treat those that occur without having to stop training but by performing alternative movements.

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