Lunch break: 10 exercises to do in the office to release tension

The lunch break is a very important part of the working day. Not only is it a way to recharge your batteries and rest mentally, but it’s also an opportunity to get some exercise and release the tension built up during the hours spent sitting at your desk.

Why exercise during your lunch break?

Exercising during your lunch break has several benefits:

  1. Improves blood circulation and tissue oxygenation.
  2. Reduces muscle tension and stress.
  3. Increases energy and concentration.
  4. Prevents joint and muscle pain.
  5. Improves mood and overall well-being.

10 exercises to do in the office to release tension

Here are 10 simple and effective exercises you can do in the office during your lunch break:

1. Neck stretching:

  1. Rotate your head left and right, keeping your chin parallel to the ground.
  2. Flex your neck sideways, bringing your ear towards your shoulder.
  3. Extend your neck forwards and backwards.

2. Shoulder stretching:

  1. Rotate your shoulders back and forth.
  2. Raise your arms above your head and flex your elbows, bringing your hands behind the back of your neck.
  3. Pull your arms back, squeezing your shoulder muscles.

3. Back stretching:

  1. Bend your torso forward, trying to touch your toes with your hands.
  2. Arch your back backwards, contracting your back muscles.
  3. Rotate your torso left and right.

4. Leg stretch:

  1. Stand up and bend one leg forward, bringing your foot towards your butt.
  2. Lift your heel off the ground and contract your calf.
  3. Make lunges back and forth.

5. Breathing Exercises:

  1. Sit comfortably and inhale deeply through your nose.
  2. Exhale slowly through your mouth, contracting your abdominal muscles.
  3. Repeat the exercise 5-10 times.

Tips for doing exercises in the office:

  1. Wear comfortable clothes and comfortable shoes.
  2. Choose a quiet environment where there are no distractions.
  3. Warm up before you start exercising.
  4. Don’t push yourself beyond your limits.
  5. Listen to your body and stop if you feel pain.

Exercising during your lunch break is a great way to improve your health and well-being. With a little effort and perseverance, you can achieve great results.

In addition to these exercises, here are some other tips to make your lunch break healthier and more relaxing:

  1. Eat a light and nutritious meal.
  2. Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.
  3. Take a walk outside.
  4. Read a book or listen to music.
  5. Meditate o fate yoga.

Lunch break is a time for yourself, so take advantage of it to do something that makes you feel good!