Modern life and muscular pain

Modern life has brought us a series of extraordinary comforts, but it has also introduced a new enemy for our health, often favored by the increase in sedentary lifestyle and incorrect nutrition: muscle pain. Many people, regardless of their lifestyle, find themselves struggling with this annoying problem. Musculoskeletal pain can range from occasional soreness to chronic distress, yet we often ignore them or look for quick fixes like medications to temporarily suppress them.

The causes:

Musculoskeletal pain can result from a number of causes related to daily life. These include incorrect postures during sleep, poor postures at the desk or steering wheel, poor postural habits during physical activity, and excessive use of technological devices such as computers and smartphones.

The Solutions:

It is essential to deal with musculoskeletal pain effectively and without sacrificing general well-being. Many seek immediate relief with medication, but this does not address the root of the problem and can result in unwanted side effects.

Alternatively, a number of natural and therapeutic approaches should be considered. Physiotherapy, for example, can be extremely effective in improving posture and relieving muscle pain with targeted therapeutic massages that can relax tense muscles, improving elasticity and load capacity. The therapeutic exercise is also essential to bring the body back to a stable balance condition, thus increasing well-being even in the long term.

Acupuncture is also effective in some cases, as well as spinal manipulation, both of which are performed by experienced professionals.

In addition, there is a new ally in the fight against muscle pain: TEPY. This innovative AI-based app has been developed in collaboration with physiotherapy experts. TEPY offers personalized treatments based on your symptoms and lifestyle. It guides you through exercises specific to your problem and monitors your progress over time. It’s like having a virtual physiotherapist on hand 24/7.


TEPY is not only an app for treating muscle pain, but also a preventive solution. It helps identify and combat bad habits and postures that could lead to future problems and provides practical advice to improve long-term muscle well-being.

Ignoring musculoskeletal pain or treating it only with medication can pose long-term health and wellness risks. Exploring alternatives such as physiotherapy, natural therapies and innovative solutions such as TEPY can lead to longer-lasting relief and a better quality of life. Never underestimate your body and always seek complete well-being.

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