Frequent questions.
What is Tepy?

Tepy is an AI-based application designed for the treatment of musculoskeletal pain.

What makes Tepy different from other similar apps?

Tepy stands out for its ability to create personalized AI-based muscle pain treatment programs and for its wide range of features.

How does Tepy work?

Tepy uses artificial intelligence algorithms to create personalized treatment programs based on your inputs and needs.

What kind of muscle pain TEPY caan treat?

Tepy is designed to treat a wide range of muscle pain, including those caused by sports injuries, muscle tension and more.

Do I need and internet connection to use TEPY?

Yes, Tepy requires an Internet connection to access its services.

Is Tepy available on Android and iOS?

Yes, Tepy is available on both platforms.

What languages does Tepy support?

At the moment Tepy supports English and Italian.

Where can I download TEPY?

You can download Tepy from official stores like Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

What are the costs associated with Tepy?

Costs may vary depending on your subscription plan. You can find all the information on the home page at this link.

Does Tepy offer a trial version?

Yes, Tepy offers a 14-day free trial period to allow you to evaluate the app before committing to a subscription.

I can use Tepy without any experience in physiotherapy?

Yes, Tepy is designed to be user-friendly and suitable for people with no experience in physiotherapy.

How can I contact customer support at TEPY?

You can use the cahtbot here under or write an E-Mail to support@tepy.app

Is TEPY only suitable for athletes or for everybody?

Tepy is suitable for anyone, from athletes to people with a sedentary lifestyle.

Which devices are compatible with TEPY?

Tepy is compatible with a wide range of Android and iOS devices.

How long does it takes to see the first results?

The timing varies depending on the type of treatment and your individual response.

Are my personale information safe with TEPY?

Yes, Tepy pays great attention to the security of users' personal data. You can consult Tepy's privacy information at the following link

Can I use TEPY as a part of my training?

Absolutely, Tepy can be integrated into your training program to improve performance and prevent muscle pain.

Can I share ma progress with TEPY on the social networks?

No. It is not possible to share your progress through the App on social media.