Prepare for gestures with visualization

Why is it effective to visualize an action before it is carried out? How can an app improve your health and quality of life? And why prepare for the gesture with visualization? I will answer these questions and explain why we should all do it!

Have you ever wondered how we program our actions, and what happens in the brain when we do it? Here, if we were connected to an instrument that monitors brain activity, we would see in real time a particular thing: there is not a big difference in the activation of brain areas between when we imagine a motor gesture and when we actually perform it. But let’s go step by step.

The power of visualization

Science advises us, before performing an exercise, we must make it clear to our brain through simple observation. Tepy therefore responds very well to this, providing the user with video content of the highest quality usable at all times; Everyone can according to their commitments even use those periods of time of forced inactivity as for example for those who travel and therefore instead of watching a movie or useless videos on IG, can devote themselves to their training thanks to Tepy, thus gaining valuable benefits from every point of view.

The programming of a motor act is essential to obtain a good execution of the action we want to carry out and it has also been shown that workouts based on imagination have effects similar to real motor training, to the point that the repetition of motor actions through physical and mental practice can induce plastic brain changes. The reason is that the mental repetition of a movement activates the same cortical areas as a real performance.

To complete the discussion in this brief scientific excursus, I will mention only the “mirror neurons” they are located in the area of the premotor cortex and are activated during an action carried out by another subject thus playing a fundamental role in imitative motor learning.

Videos in Tepy

I think at this point to have been exhaustive and to have provided you with a thousand more reasons to use Tepy as a trusted ally!only thanks to Tepy you can take advantage of innovative strategies to learn the best clearly, quickly and safely and have a personalized plan to manage your problems.

The videos and the assistance of tepy allows you to view and understand exercises and techniques with the utmost ease, favoring cognitive processes and consequently the ability to better reproduce exercises and self-treatment techniques.

In conclusion, the TEPY app is designed to allow you to get the most benefit in your workouts. In fact, you can view the gestures of the movements on video before performing them and then prepare your brain to learn them, which as you read earlier is the winning strategy. This application will follow you step by step facilitating the path and always choosing what is best for your well-being, your fitness and your health, making you progress and improve in every aspect of your training in a fast, practical, safe and fun way.