Don’t go random in your workout

In our digital age where we are all a bit “nkow-it-all”, it has become very easy to find advice on different social channels, full of tutorials or miraculous exercises.

But how do we know if the guy of the video is a professional and the advice he proposes is really effective and scientific and therefore able to properly fix an issue?

Well, this is exactly Tepy’s mission; make available the experience of the best physiotherapists and professional trainers.

TEPY will be your physio-assistant and will help you in everything is your physical health at 360 degrees, educating you to a healthy lifestyle that allows you to achieve your goals in the established time and in an absolutely safe way.

Don’t go randomly

The main benefits of training with TEPY are:

  1. SCIENTIFICITY of the method adopted, because rehabilitation as well as training is a science and as such has very specific rules to take into account. Have you ever seen a surgeon invent a new surgical technique without having scientific evidence to support it? Having a team of university researchers and clinicians engaged in the elite of sport allows us to offer you Medicine based evidence methodologies, or always the most up-to-date strategies in the technical-scientific field and at your disposal.
  1. PERSONALIZATION A workout that has produced results with one person is not said to work or give the same results with everyone. For this reason, the generic workouts that are on the web, are not wrong but unsuitable to achieve an important result. A workout must be tailor-made, like a dress!
  1. INNOVATION The technologies used in TEPY are enhanced by artificial intelligence that has a vast database of scientific data and solutions processed quickly and in maximum safety so as to allow us to train alone at home or in the gym and reduce the risk of incurring injuries.
  2. MOTIVATION AND ECONOMIC ASPECT the brain has a thousand and more thoughts to discourage and for this reason having a private and personal experience with a safe roadmap to follow and that brings results on time, positively influences one’s level of motivation. Having invested money pushes you to give value to training and to find fewer excuses to skip it.
  1. CONSTANCY Having scheduled commitments in the calendar as well as deadlines allows you to maintain motivation. the lack of constancy on the contrary leads to never achieving one’s goals.
  2. INCREASE IN THERAPEUTIC ADHERENCE It is now established that apps significantly increase therapeutic efficacy and there are studies that have shown, for example in weight loss, that they are even more effective than a health care provider.
  3. VERSATILITY: TEPY is always at your fingertips 24/7, wherever you are.