Cervical and smartphone: how to avoid pain?

The smartphone is now an inseparable companion for all of us. We use it to communicate, work, get informed, entertain ourselves, and much more. But prolonged use of it can cause annoying neck pain. Have you ever had a stiff or sore neck after spending hours looking at your phone? Don’t worry, with a few simple precautions you can avoid this problem!

Why is my smartphone bad for my neck?

When we use our phones, we tend to lean our heads forward to look at the screen. This position, held for a long time, creates excessive tension on the muscles of the neck and back, causing pain and stiffness.

How to avoid neck pain?

Here are some tips you can follow:

1. Pay attention to your posture:

It’s important to keep your head elevated and your phone’s screen at eye level. Imagine you have a wire pulling your head up.
Avoid bowing your head to look at your phone. If necessary, raise the phone to eye level or use a stand.
Try to maintain a good posture even when sitting at the computer or in front of the TV.

2. Regular Breaks:

Take regular breaks from using your phone. Every 20 to 30 minutes, look up from your phone and do a few stretches for your neck and shoulders.
Stand up and walk for a few minutes every hour.
If possible, take a break of at least 10 minutes every two hours of phone use.

3. Reduce the time spent on your smartphone:

Try to limit your phone use to no more than two hours a day.
Set time periods during which you don’t use your phone, such as during meals or before going to sleep.
Turn off non-urgent notifications to avoid being distracted all the time.

4. Strengthening Exercises:

There are some specific exercises that can help tone the muscles of the neck and back, preventing neck pain.
You can find many exercises online or ask a physiotherapist for advice.
It is important to do the exercises regularly for better results.

Other tips:

Choose an ergonomic pillow: A good pillow can help keep your head in a proper position while you sleep.
Use a chair with good lumbar support: When sitting at the computer or in front of the TV, make sure you have proper posture.
Exercise regularly: Physical activity helps improve posture and reduce muscle tension.

What to do if the pain persists

If your neck pain is severe or persistent, it is important to see a doctor or physical therapist.

Remember: with a little care and a few simple steps, you can avoid neck pain and continue to use your smartphone safely and comfortably. In addition, you can find a lot of useful information online or in bookstores on how to prevent and treat neck pain. With a little effort, you can finally get rid of neck pain and fully enjoy your smartphone, or use your smartphone and Tepy to solve the problem at its root.