Incorrect couch posture while watching TV

After a long stressful day, watching television from the sofa at home should be the time to relax body and mind, abandoning yourself on the soft cushions without worries, yet there are many people who, without realizing it, take advantage of this apparently harmless situation of relaxation to assume positions that are as comfortable as they are harmful to their musculoskeletal system.

Incorrect postural attitudes such as lying down with the legs bent, the head tilted forward towards the screen, arms and shoulders stretched and contracted, can in fact lead over time to even intense problems affecting the neck, upper back and shoulder girdle.

Let’s take a closer look at the most common types of incorrect postures

Here is a diagram that summarizes some of the incorrect positions that are most often taken casually by those who watch television, only to regret it bitterly:

– Sit totally lying on the sofa, with your torso semi-curved backwards and head tilted forward to keep your eyes on the TV: this significantly overloads the cervical muscles, forced to support the weight of the head in antiflexion for prolonged periods, as well as incorrect stretching of ligaments and vertebral structures.

– Legs crossed, with only one buttock resting on the sofa: this asymmetrical and unbalanced position leads to lumbar and back tension.

– Rigid arms holding the snack in front of the face: shoulders raised and elbows stretched forward for long periods of time cause painful contractures of the entire rotator cuff and trapezius muscles.

These are just some of the most common examples of incorrect postures commonly assumed when watching television. Now let’s see how to prevent its effects.

The correct couch posture to relax in front of the TV without consequences

It is possible to prevent postural damage resulting from typical incorrect positions as a TV viewer, simply by learning to anatomically distribute one’s weight when sitting on the sofa, avoiding tension on the spine.

Ideally, you should use a stand that keeps your back straight, with your shoulders relaxed and your head straight in front of the screen. Alternatively, you can lie down with plenty of cushions behind your lower back so that you don’t arch your torso.

Legs and buttocks should rest symmetrically on the sofa, avoiding overlapping or unbalanced positions. The neck should remain aligned with the shoulders and back, with no anterior creases or lateral rotations maintained.

The position of the arms and shoulder are also important: it is better to keep the limbs relaxed at the sides with the forearms resting on the armrests. The shoulder blades should descend downwards, without lifting towards the ears.

By following these simple precautions, you can watch your favorite TV series while still indulging in some healthy relaxation without unpleasant consequences for your musculoskeletal system!