Gym over 40: training is safer with Tepy

Once over the age of 40, many people feel the need to return to the gym or start exercising to keep fit, relieve stress and combat the signs of ageing, and with Tepy it is safer.

It should be borne in mind that taking up exercise at this age, especially if you have never done sport before, can involve risks that should not be underestimated. The body no longer has the same reactivity and elasticity as in your 20s, and a gradual and structured approach is needed.

Hence the importance of integrating an app like Tepy, the ideal tool for training safely after the age of 40, into your gym routine.

Let’s take a closer look at how Tepy can optimise an over-40 training plan and make it safer.

The customised preparation programme

Before even starting to lift weights or do high-intensity exercises, a person over 40 should follow a targeted preparation and gradual strengthening programme for a few weeks.

The aim: to accustom the body to higher-than-normal rhythms and stresses without overloading out-of-training joints and muscles.

And this is where the smart component of Tepy comes into play: in fact, the app automatically creates a pre- and post-workout path, tailor-made according to the physical characteristics, possible problems and specific needs of the person.

Hi-tech warm-up and defatigue

Before and after each gym session, it is essential to perform a warm-up and a muscle defatigue phase respectively.

Two seemingly obvious steps, but too often underestimated or done half-heartedly.

With Tepy, all you have to do is select the type of workout you are about to do or have just finished, and the app will provide the most suitable guided sequence of exercises to best prepare or relieve the muscles concerned.

Real-time monitoring

Another very useful function offered by Tepy is real-time tracking of any muscle pain, fatigue and overload symptoms that may occur during or after the workout.

Just tell Tepy the location and intensity of any problems and you will immediately receive advice on corrective exercises or self-massage protocols to relieve the discomfort quickly and effectively.

This type of feedback represents great added value for preventing injuries or promptly managing risk situations typical when training after a certain age.

Are you over 40 and want to get back in shape in the gym without risk? Try Tepy and optimise your training plan with customised programmes, real-time monitoring and hi-tech assistance.